Meet the Team Behind Quantium’s Cutting-Edge Software

Meet the Team Behind Quantium’s Cutting-Edge Software

A system is only as good as the people who design and run it. Meet three talented members of our engineering team who play integral roles in the development of our software, and hear their thoughts on what they love about working in engineering and their experience at Quantium.

Learn what Aing loves about engineering - Quantium

Duangrudee Pramualwuttiron (Aing) – Head of Engineering

Before joining Quantium to head up our software development team, Duangrudee was a Development Lead at Thomson Reuters where she led multiple financial software development projects and has extensive experience with Agile development.

What is your favourite thing about leading the Development team at Quantium?
At Quantium, I get to balance engineering skills and business knowledge.  By working closely with business experts from our team and listening to the challenges from our customers, I can empower the dev team to see what technologies are available or what can be developed further to become a viable solution.  I enjoy the challenge of combining advanced tech (e.g. cloud computing, data analytics) with in-depth fund accounting, performance analysis and good UX/UI design.

What do you love most about engineering as a field?
I’m a builder at heart, and engineering is about creating products to solve user pain points.  I love seeing what I have built being used and making a positive impact. What drives me is seeing people use platforms that I’ve worked on. I can then say to myself “I built that.” I definitely encourage people who want to make an impact to consider engineering as a career.

Learn what Ball loves about engineering
Jaruwan Limsukhakorn (Ball) – Technical Lead

Jaruwan Limsukhakorn has more than 10 years of experience in software development. Prior to Quantium, she worked in the automobile industry in Germany, where she was responsible for designing, implementing and testing software for measurement, calibration and diagnosis of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) at Vector Informatik GmbH.

What is your favourite thing about leading the Development team at Quantium?
I love seeing our team (including myself) grow after we have finished a particularly challenging piece of work. Along this journey, each of our developers has gained significant expertise in their own areas. We have brainstormed so many different ideas to improve the design of our software, and then we take these ideas same from initial concepts to reality. We also have a positive, can-do attitude – I’m so happy to be working with this energetic, talented team!

What do you love most about engineering as a field?
My favourite thing about my industry is seeing how new technologies and innovation literally changes the world. Working in engineering field gives me opportunities to work on a diverse range of projects which will always excite me. It has also led to my meeting many great colleagues and very talented people.

Learn what Ant loves about engineering
Wanvipa Rermmontri (Ant) – Lead Software Engineer

Previously, Wanvipa was an Assistant Software Development Manager at Humanica PCL where she helped manage a medium size team. She also has extensive experience in requirement gathering, software design and project implementation for HRM/HRD products.

What is your favourite thing about leading the Development team at Quantium?
One thing that stands out about our team is that we’re very collaborative – we’re always trying to find ways to help each other! I also like that we can share our ideas freely to help improve our product. We work in an incredibly supportive environment where everyone is encouraged to speak up if they have a suggestion.

What do you love most about engineering as a field?
Engineering is a challenging field that pushes you to deliver your best work. I love the process of problem-solving and providing solutions, because my ideas result in a final product that our clients love to use. It’s the best feeling!

In the coming months, we’ll be introducing you to more of the Quantium team so you can get to know the people behind the product and get behind-the-scenes insights on how we work together to build a cutting-edge product. Stay tuned!

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