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Choosing an investor portal in the new era of LP/GP relations

Servicing your institutional investors is an essential, ongoing function of a GP’s job; particularly now, when LPs expect more from their GPs than ever before. Thus, a secure, user-friendly investor portal is something every GP needs in their toolkit. But with so many options available on the market, it’s difficult to know what sets apart a truly next-generation investor portal from a glorified Dropbox account.
Below is a guide to the most important features and benefits to look for when selecting an investor portal for your business.

1. Enterprise-grade security to safeguard your data

As a custodian of highly sensitive information, your highest priority is keeping your data (and your investors data) safe and secure. It’s important to select an investor portal with enterprise-grade security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access and cyber threats. 
Your investor portal’s security measures should include encryption, secure login protocols, and regular security audits to ensure that your data always has the maximum level of protection. The option to select a specific region for data storage is a critical consideration for companies that operate across different jurisdictions, and those that handle sensitive and confidential information.

By offering this functionality, your investor portal can provide greater control and visibility over the storage and transfer of data, ensuring that data is only stored in regions where it complies with local data protection laws and regulations.

2. Comprehensive access and data management functionality

To ensure effective management of confidential data and documents, it is essential to provide comprehensive access and data management functionality. The ability to manage access with flexibility and granularity is important. For instance, tax advisors of limited partners should be able to access tax documents, while remaining restricted from accessing capital notices or Portfolio Summary dashboards.  
Traditional data room setups can often pose challenges for non-technical users. A user interface friendly approach to the setup process can help to alleviate any difficulties, providing a clear preview of the interface for each individual user and export of access rights in an Excel file. 
To ensure the integrity of the data, audit trails are an essential component of the investor portal. By recording user activity, downloads and logins can be tracked, and a clear record can be maintained to adhere to regulatory compliance requirements. 
Therefore, the ability to configure access privileges, as well as dashboard version control all the way down to individual user level, is a must-have in your chosen investor portal.

3. Rich data visualization for an enhanced investor experience

A modern investor portal that is purpose-built for the  private markets should offer interactive dashboards, including fund level information along with asset level Internal Rates of Return (IRR) for a comprehensive view of the portfolio’s performance.  
Rich data visualization capabilities, such as pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs, should be included to provide investors with an intuitive and accessible way to view their investments over time and in different currencies. This allows for a more transparent and informed approach to investment management.

4. Investor relationship overview with asset-level drill down

In addition to providing rich data visualization, your ideal investor portal should also offer an investor relationship overview to provide your investor an aggregated overview of each and every commitment relationship across different vintage funds and co-investment programs with your organization.  
This helps you and your investors to better understand their overall commitment relationships across multiple partnerships and co-investments with the firm. LPs can view their portfolio performance in a unified currency at a single point in time as well as quarter-on-quarter change, and key value drivers personalized to their positions deriving from the underlying portfolio. 
A good, specialized investor portal should also allow LPs to view key fund statistics and their aggregated personalized positions across multiple funds.

5. Consistent branding and communication 

Lastly, your chosen investor portal should allow you to customize your logos, colours and overall branding, so it matches your company’s visual style and messaging.

This ensures consistency across your communication channels and helps you to maintain a professional image with your investors.

As a private markets GP, an investor portal can play a pivotal role in the way you service your investors. Rather than a “nice-to-have”, a truly powerful investor portal should function as a user-friendly platform that provides you and your LPs with the tools needed to manage your investor relationships, data and assets.

It’s also important to find a solution with enterprise-grade security, robust access management and rich data visualization capabilities to ensure a first-class investor experience.

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