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supercharge your private debt operations

Private debt management poses unique operational challenges. Complex tasks like overseeing loan schedules, cash flows, and payment-in-kind (PIK) interest, amidst evolving scenarios such as equity warrants and restructurings require precise automation of loan amortization schedules.

Quantium’s software enhances the efficiency of your private debt operations by streamlining loan tracking terms, debt schedules and disbursement dates, as well as automating complex IRR simulations and cashflow forecasts.

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Amortization Toolkit

Automate the creation and management of loan amortization schedules based on your loan agreements. Handle complex loan structures with ease, including interest-only periods and end-of-loan fees.

Floating vs. Fixed Rate Automation

Seamlessly manage loans with variable interest rates like SOFR and EURIBOR. Our system dynamically adjusts schedules based on rate changes via built-in APIs.

Payment Allocation

Automatically allocate payments across facilities and between principal and interest. Handle payments for loans in arrears and pre-payments, streamlining your payment workflows.

Bank Automation

Integrate with your bank records to update incoming payments and reconcile transactions automatically. Say goodbye to manual reconciliations and hello to efficiency.

Track Portfolio Metrics

Monitor key performance indicators and metrics in real-time. Automate data collection workflows with your portfolios, and utilize our data dashboard for an at-a-glance view of asset data availability across various periods.

Manage Loan Covenants

Stay compliant with automated covenant tracking and reporting. Ensure your portfolio meets contractual obligations and monitor at-risk portfolios in a timely manner.

Interim, Actual/Contractual Performance

View your portfolio returns from different perspectives, including actual versus contractual and interim performance against contractual returns. Perform detailed IRR analysis to gain insights into investment returns.

Single Facilities vs. Performance

Conduct sophisticated performance analysis, including Gross IRR and MOIC, by facility, issuer, fund, and cross-funds, with breakdowns by industry and other factors.

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Stakeholder Reporting

Generate comprehensive reports, including loan roll-up schedule reports as well as portfolio one-pagers. Deliver transparent, detailed reports with ease.

Portfolio Management

Oversee your entire private debt portfolio with a unified dashboard. Monitor cash flows, track covenant compliance, and access detailed loan schedules all in one place.

Loan Schedule Automation

Automate end-to-end management of loan schedules, from initial setup to ongoing adjustments, ensuring complete accuracy and compliance with loan terms.

Approval Workflow

Build approval workflows for deal teams adjusting loan terms and finance teams updating payments. Ensure streamlined and compliant processes across your organization.

experience the future of private debt management

Quantium not only streamlines your processes, but also provides deep insights and automation, empowering you to manage your investments with confidence and precision. Get in touch to learn how we can help, and see the software in action.

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