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Quantium is a next-generation platform providing fund & portfolio management, report building & investor servicing to private equity & venture capital firms.

Founded in 2016

designed by investors, for investors

Founded in 2016 by a visionary team of former LPs, CFOs and portfolio managers, Quantium gives investors a powerful fund and portfolio analytics platform, effortless investor insights and seamless data flow across every area of fund operations.

Whether you’re a large buyout fund, fund of funds, family office or seed-stage venture capital fund, our thoughtfully-designed products and unmatched functionality help private equity practitioners better manage their data to deliver exceptional investor servicing.

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why quantium

01. Easy-to-use, powerful software

No more checking and cross-checking fragile, unlinked Excel spreadsheets. Our easy-to-use, intuitive software lets you manage fund cash flows, complex fund & SPV structures, portfolio and investor data in one place.

02. Break down your data walls

Seamlessly manage your fund operations and investment data across your investment relations, portfolio and finance teams – all under a single platform.

03. Full implementation support

A smooth, efficient onboarding process equips you with the knowledge and tools you need to use the platform. Our expert Client Solutions data analysts provide complete support for data entry and reconciliation to set you up for success.

04. Beyond best practice

Innovation is in our DNA, so we’re never sitting still – our products and capabilities are constantly evolving. We help our clients look beyond best practice, to next practice.

meet the team

A system is only as good as the people who design and run it. Quantium’s talented team of former LPs, CFOs and portfolio managers give your business an edge that only top-tier industry expertise can provide.

Founder and Partner - Jessie Juan - Quantium Technology
Co-Founder & Partner

Jessie Juan

Sun Suriyapatanapong - Founder and Partner - Meet the Team - Quantium Technology
Co-Founder & Partner

Sun Suriyapatanapong

Head of Engineering - Duangrudee Pramualwuttiron - Quantium Technology
Head of Engineering

Duangrudee Pramualwuttiron

Anita Meng - Founding Partner - Meet the Team - Quantium Technology

Anita Meng

Sen Ganesh - Meet the Team - Quantium Technology
Founding Advisor, Partner at Bain & Co

Sen Ganesh

Marketing Director - Mridula Narayan - Meet the Team - Quantium Technology
Marketing Director

Mridula Narayan

Anahita Beigui - Director of Sales EMEA
Director of Sales - EMEA

Anahita Beigui

Susie Xiao - Sales Manager - Meet the Team - Quantium Technology
Sales Director

Susie Xiao

Rui Tan
VP – Client Solutions

Rae Tan

Raorao Yan - AVP Client Solutions at Quantium Technology
VP – Client Solutions

Raorao Yan

Jaruwan Limsukhakorn
Software Manager

Jaruwan Limsukhakorn



Quantium powers some of the most prominent FOF, private equity and venture capital firms, with over $75 billion AUM on our platform globally.

Leading the industry in data security and compliance

Quantium is a mission-critical custodian of our clients’ most sensitive, confidential data. We adhere to the highest industry standards for encryption, data storage, and authentication to ensure end-to-end data safety.

SOC 2 Type II Certified

The AICPA’s SOC protocols have emerged as the best-in-class, industry-approved method for assessing a software vendor’s data security practices.  
We’re proud to be SOC 2 Type II certified, making us an industry leader and a trusted provider for private equity and venture capital firms worldwide. 
Working with Quantium provides our clients with a solid framework for their own operating due diligence processes.

Data Security

Quantium provides layers of protection to protect your data while in transit or at rest. All in transit data are encrypted with the latest HTTPS and transport layer security technology. For data at rest, only authorized server and user can have access to the data in the database.

Specific protections include Access Security Measures (i.e. 2FA, user & password encryption, firewall), Data Transmission Measures (i.e. data encryption, authentication), and Data Storage Measures (i.e. data backup, advance threat protection system, event audit trails). Please see our security policy documentation for more details

The Gold Standard for Compliance & Security

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