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An easy, intuitive solution for building fund, portfolio and investor dashboard and reports

Real-time report building

the industry’s most advanced and intuitive data visualization tool

The data walls between each department pose one of the biggest challenges in private equity operations. Quantium allows you to connect, unify and standardize all your data sources, enabling seamless, real-time data flow into purpose-built reports and dashboards for all stakeholders.

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livestream your data for efficient, accurate reporting

01. Scalable

From the moment your data enters the system, we help organize and standardize it all.

02. Easy

Choose a beautifully designed pre-built report from our template library, or build your individualized portfolio company one-pager, investor reports and management dashboards. No coding knowledge required.

03. Accurate

No more repetitive quarterly report preparation or endless manual updating of presentations. Livestream your data into your presentations to deliver key messages to your stakeholders.


Unify Data Sources

Unify data from different sources for integrated fund, portfolio, company and investor reporting.

True Office Integration

Export chart components in Microsoft Powerpoint, Word and Excel formats with real data for easy editing and fine-tuning.

Real-Time Data Streaming

Build your report templates once and they’ll stream real-time data – no more manual updates required.

Portfolio One-Pager

Build custom portfolio company one-pagers that can be used throughout the fund life.

AGM & Fundraising Preparation

Prepare personalized investor reports and AGM presentations.

Best-Practice Templates

Access our library of industry-approved templates used by leading institutional investors.

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