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Streamline portfolio management process and run dynamic analysis

An effortless solution

from portfolio data storage to powerful investment insights

Trends towards stronger portfolio management and higher transparency require a systematic approach in data collection and monitoring.

At Quantium, we offer an effortless solution that simplifies data organization, performance analytics and reporting processes where information collection, storage and analysis can be streamlined through a highly controlled platform.

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effortlessly generate investment insights

01. Aggregate

Quantium’s powerful portfolio management solution aggregates data across different funds and complex investment structures, to give you insights at single asset, portfolio and cross fund level.

02. Visualize

Visualize your portfolio through our intuitive dashboards and advanced analytical tools, with fully configurable personalized view settings.

03. Summarize

Easily generate single company summary sheets as well as the full set of portfolio information, in minutes – not days.


Automated Data Collection

Streamline your portfolio company data collection processes by scheduling submission links to portfolio company CFOs & assigned personnel.

KPI Metrics Tracking

Centralize portfolio company financial & operating data through Excel-like spreadsheet technology for simple copy-and-paste data entry.

Portfolio Analytics

Analyze investment statistics and IRRs for single and multiple funds, with performance grouped by user-defined attributes via a single click.

Value Creation Analysis

Understand sources of value creation at portfolio, fund and individual asset level.

Deal Terms & Cap Table Tracking

Track portfolio company’s cap table and deal terms for different investment rounds, with built-in calendar tools to send email reminders of key dates.

FX & Simulation Tools

Toolkits to run investment performance scenarios (e.g. IRR with fixed rate vs. transaction date exchange rate) without impacting underlying data integrity.

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