Cross-Fund Analytics

Aggregated data insights for multi-asset class, cross-funds and currency operations

A robust data engine

elevated management overview of cross-fund data insights

For investment firms managing multiple funds and investment vehicles, fund managers need easy access to aggregated information across all investment entities (i.e. main & parallel funds, co-investment programs) for better management transparency. However, such information is often gathered from different sources and prepared offline through manual updates of Excel spreadsheets  – a time-consuming and error-prone process.

Quantium enables you to synchronize your individual funds’ data easily and effectively. Our powerful cross-fund analytics platform is built to meet the needs of institutional investors’ complex operations across multiple currencies, funds and asset classes. We integrate with your internal or outsourced services workflow, and provide you with a bird’s eye view for management insights you can access anytime, anywhere.

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Cross-Fund Analytics
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sophisticated data aggregation solutions

01. Synchronize

Simply integrate your individual funds’ cash flow information into Quantium’s business intelligence engine for better data insights.

02. View

View all funds aggregated statistics and quarter-on-quarter change on management dashboard reports and on your mobile.

03. Access

Access to individualized investor group level position summary across multiple fund vehicles and co-investment programs.


Cross-Fund Analytics

Unify and aggregate commitments and performance statistics across multiple funds real-time on one single platform for management overview. We integrate seamlessly with fund administrators and other third-party data to provide you a bird’s eye view of your overall operations.

Individualized Investor Summary

Obtain the fullest transparency of your investor’s positions across all funds and co-investment vehicles, as well as top ten asset exposure for exceptional investor servicing.

Portfolio Slice-and-Dice

Bypassing different fund vintage years, investment structure and currencies, Quantium’s built-in analytics provide you with a multi-dimensional view of your investment performance.

Seamless Data Integration

Easily upload your cash flow information to our system, either through spreadsheet mode or API integration – whether your fund is managed in house or partially outsourced to fund administrators.

Data Consolidation

A secure and centralized information repository that unifies and standardizes all data across your operations.

24/7 Access

All key statistics on fund, portfolio, investor and asset levels are available at your fingertips, via a real-time dashboard and on mobile/tablet for easy access.

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