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Success stories from Quantium's GP/LP clients around the world

“Quantium gives us a single source of truth, with data that is clear, accessible, and up to date. The software is intuitive and feature-rich, and the flexible reporting tools have been very helpful in streamlining investor reporting. Beyond the system’s functionality, Quantium’s support has been excellent. They ensured a seamless transition from our previous solution and are responsive to any questions that come up. Overall, we have found Quantium to be an effective fund management solution and have had very positive experiences working with their team.”

Zev Tyberg Head of Operations, Tal Ventures
Advantage Partners - Quantium Testimonial

“Quantium has transformed our fund management operations. We now have an effective means of tracking and presenting NAV and other key metrics, and our staff have provided excellent feedback on the usability and ease of use of the investor portal. We’ve been very pleased with the level of support we’ve received from the Quantium team, which has been very impressive and has effectively supported the implementation and ongoing improvement of our use of the platform.”

Katsuya Baba Partner & Chief Administration Officer, Advantage Partners
Smartfin - Quantium Testimonial

“Our team is no longer slowed down by endless spreadsheets and complex manual calculations. Quantium has truly digitised our previously manual investment operations by automating the majority of these processes. We can analyse investment information with ease, generate reports in a few clicks, and access our investor information instantly whenever we need it.”

Sébastien Thiel Partner and CFO, Smartfin
Silence VC

“With Quantium, we have a single source of truth for our fund management workflows, including shadow accounting to cross-check our fund admin’s data and post-investment management. Quantium has also automated our investor reporting, which allows our team to focus on high-value tasks. We are extremely impressed with the smooth implementation process at Quantium as well as the system itself.”

Brendan Hayes Chief Financial Officer, Silence VC
AB Value Logo

“Quantium’s data analytics and strategy solutions are top-notch. They provide deep insights that help us make quick, informed decisions and save us valuable time by automating tedious data analysis tasks. Highly recommended!”

Julie Lee Chief Financial Officer, AB Value

“From the first point of contact and throughout the implementation process, the Quantium team was exceptionally hands-on, proactive and agile. They impressed with their thoughtful questions about what ACE Alternatives was hoping to achieve – they know their business inside and out.”

Matias Collan Managing Director, ACE Alternatives

“Quantium is an integral part of Golden Gate’s operations, providing us with easy, accessible fund and portfolio data as well as actionable insights through their portfolio monitoring services. Their team’s expertise in how LPs monitor and evaluate investments makes them an ideal operating partner for high-performing venture firms. The team has also been extremely helpful in customizing the platform to make sure it suits the specific needs of our firm.”

Mahesha Subramaniam Head of Investor Relations, Golden Gate

“Quantium is a knowledgeable, trusted partner with deep insights into private markets operations, and helped us with complex fund structure data management. I’d highly recommend Quantium to GPs/LPs looking for a truly modern, user-friendly fund and portfolio management system.”

Ren Meng Chief Financial Officer, Ruilian Fund Management
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