Quantium uses Microsoft Azure to build next-gen private equity management software

Quantium is transforming private market operations with its modern and comprehensive software suite for fund/portfolio management, and investor relationship management. The firm was founded with the distinct vision to scale internally and position itself as the system of choice for forward-looking, 21st century professional fund managers. As the company enhanced its global scalability, Microsoft stood out as the preferred technology partner. In just five months, Quantium migrated to Microsoft Azure’s state-of-the-art platform, empowering its clients to focus on quality analysis while significantly minimizing manual tasks.


Outdated systems, manual reporting, and workflow inefficiencies in the private investment sector.


Quantium built its solution on Microsoft Azure, using the cloud for both running processes and storing data.


Customers saved weeks of work, improved accuracy of reporting, and gained scalable, real-time financial data management.

From its inception in 2016, Quantium recognized the changing landscape of the private investment sector. The company aimed to address a myriad of challenges its customers confronted—from the limitations of legacy systems to manual reporting
and workflow inefficiencies. Quantium’s Co-Founder and Partner, Sun Suriyapatanapong, knew that finding the right technology to support its product portfolio was essential. “We competed in a market dominated by large software firms with decades of experience under their belt. However, this also meant that many of them were tethered to outdated infrastructure. To scale, we needed not just a powerful application but also a trustworthy partner capable of scaling our infrastructure,” he explains. 

“Our customers are spread across the world, from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, to Asia. It was important that we work with a company that was big enough to support us globally,” shares Suriyapatanapong. The company sought a technology partner that could meet stringent security protocols and intricate regional requirements. “Microsoft emerged as the obvious choice. With them, we wouldn’t need to work with any other providers.” 

Investing in the right technology

Built from the ground up, Quantium’s platform is tailored to replace outdated legacy systems and streamline manual reporting and workflow inefficiencies. The company built its initial version of Quantium CORE, its fund management product, in about one year. Azure SQL Database serves as the backbone for storage, enabling it to reliably and quickly access crucial data. The company uses Azure hosting and Azure App Service to guarantee its web application’s uptime and performance.  

Quantium currently offers a comprehensive range of services to both private equity professionals and asset owners. Its platform provides several modules—Quantium CORE, its flagship fund management system, Quantium EDGE, its portfolio management solution, a secure investor portal built on Azure App Service, and a business intelligence tool for investor reporting.    

Quantium offers users a seamless and secure login experience with Azure Active Directory. Azure Multi-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security. Additionally, with Microsoft 365 single-sign-on (SSO), Quantium streamlined logins and enhanced its software offerings, including features like email integration.  

The platform’s transformation since deployment has been tremendous, with the company quickly expanding its services to customers around the world. “Azure has been a springboard that’s helped our software completely transform from a simple fund management tool to the sophisticated investment management system it is today,” says Suriyapatanapong. 

“Azure has been a springboard that’s helped our software completely transform from a simple fund management tool to the sophisticated investment management system it is today.”

Sun Suriyapatanapong, Co-Founder and Partner, Quantium

Less manual work, more efficiency

Quantium’s clients experienced significant benefits of the migration. Previously, most private markets firms relied on interconnected Excel sheets to build complex formulas and corral the required data from different sources. “Excel’s utility is undeniable for immediate tasks, but its inherent fragility and the difficulty in knowledge transfer make it less suitable for scaling or sharing cohesive information across teams and investors,” says Suriyapatanapong. “With Quantium built on Azure, we’ve introduced a platform where information on investors and portfolios is reliably constructed and effortlessly shared.”  

Additionally, Quantium’s dashboards refresh automatically, replacing weeks of manual data consolidation with real-time visibility. Private markets professionals can spend less time on low-value, manual tasks and more on quality analysis and strategy. “The speed at which our clients can now compile reports using our platform has significantly improved, especially when catering to ad-hoc investor requests,” explains Suriyapatanapong. “Processes such as investor asset-level exposure used to take several days to gather, process, and present. With our Azure-powered solution, our clients can publish fund summary and investor account summary data onto investor portals within hours, or even minutes.” 

Being on Azure also helped Quantium guarantee agility to its global clients. “If we’re onboarding a new cloud-based client, the process happens swiftly and provides immediate access to our applications,” says Suriyapatanapong. “Clients who function with on-premises servers will have a slightly longer onboarding period of about two weeks since it includes software installation, IT team training and systems integration.

“Processes such as investor asset level exposure used to take several days to gather, process, and present. With our Azure-powered solution, our clients can publish fund summary and investor account summary data onto investor portals within hours, or even minutes.”

Sun Suriyapatanapong, Co-Founder and Partner, Quantium

Elevating data quality

Quantium’s software focuses on elevating the data quality for clients in terms of accuracy, completeness, and timeliness. The latest release of the portfolio management module introduces features that expedite data collection from portfolio companies. Additionally, the platform boasts a sophisticated data validation tool equipped with business rules, which meticulously check the format of submitted data and confirm the inclusion of all vital data points. Through proactive detection and rectification of discrepancies, the software guarantees the consistent accuracy and reliability of clients’ data. 

“Manually entering data without uniform definitions across a portfolio or without proper data validation can result in significant errors. By adopting our software, clients not only reduce these risks but also position themselves as a driving force to bolster the integrity and accuracy of their data for their portfolio companies,” says Suriyapatanapong.   

Quantium also successfully expanded its API integrations, incorporating data feeds from sources such as the European Central Bank. This enhancement ensures consistency in reporting for portfolio company financial metrics and adeptly manages swift fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. 

Building trust through technology

Quantium distinguishes itself not just through advanced technology but also its commitment to customer relationships. Over the years, the company has worked closely with its clients to resolve the most critical aspects of operations, workflow by workflow. Layered on top of those workflows is data security. “Many of our clients prioritize security above all. Knowing our platform is anchored on Microsoft, a reputable name in the industry, immediately instills confidence regarding data protection,” states Suriyapatanapong. 

Azure’s robust infrastructure ensures that Suriyapatanapong and his team can concentrate on innovation rather than tech support. “Azure has given us the flexibility to explore use cases that we had planned for later down the line,” he says. “It’s helped us tackle challenges and develop complex formulas such as loan amortization, which we’ve been able to build from scratch on Azure.”  

Looking ahead, Quantium plans to integrate Azure OpenAI Service into its software. “We see artificial intelligence as a pivotal force for our customers to achieve tangible cost savings and superior data quality,” Suriyapatanapong says. This future strategy will enable Quantium to continuously add value, from anomaly detection to risk management. 

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